geophysical processes in natural hazards

The reading response should be about one page in length. It does not need a cover page and do not include quotations or other cut-and-paste material from the reading. The reading response should have the following sections and these sections should be labelled in your document: Summary of the reading (approximately 200 words) o Thissectionistoshowthatyoucompletedthereadings o Includethenameofthereading o Whatyoutookawayfromthereadingsasthemainpoints Your opinion on the reading (approximately 200 words) o Thisiswhereyoutellmyselfandtherestoftheclasswhatyouthinkaboutthe reading Are there points in the reading that agree with or disagree with? Explain why. Questions, thoughts, or further inquiry (approximately 100 words) o Anyreadingthatisworththetimeittakestoreaditshouldgeneratemore interesting questions in thoughts in your mind o Whatideasorquestionsdidyouhaveaftercompletingthisreading? Also,This Reading Responses should be three separat parts; *Summary of the reading * Your opinion on the reading *Questions, thoughts, or further inquiry and the reference

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