Generalist Practice Narrative

Assignment IV: Readiness for Generalist Practice NarrativeEach student will write and submit a 10TO 13page paper in APA format addressing your readiness to enter the profession of social work as a beginning generalist social worker. Use the 9core competencies and related behaviors listed below to organize your paper. Although this is a reflection paper, you cannot use first person (I) in your paper. See examples of avoiding first person on canvas modules section. Your paper must be submitted to turnitin. The originality report must be 12% or less. You will go to the writing center. You must copy and paste the feedback from the tutor and submit/uploadit to the module. Each student will submit their paper by the due date no later than 11:59 pm. You will submit your paper on canvas TO THE MODULE SECTION ENTITLED SUBMIT YOUR Generalist practice paper HERE (see instructions for submitting papers to Module section on canvas in course documents.Each student will address each competency and pay special attention to the information in red. The specific headings are listed below under required headings. Please use the required headings.Competency 1: DemonstrateEthicalandProfessionalBehavior(Ethical Behavior)oAdvocate for client accessto the services of social work. (this is red(How have you been an advocate/how can you be an advocate)? oPractice personal reflection and self-correction to assure continual professional developmentoAttend to professional roles and boundaries ( this si in red-What are professional boundaries and how are you going to be sure not to cross them) oDemonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communicationo( this is in redHow do you do this/Provide examples) .oEngage in career-long learning:( this is in red Discussthe importance of ongoing trainingoUse supervision and consultation( this is in red Be open for corrective criticism/Are you/ is this something you need to work on) Competency 2: Engage diversity and difference in practice(Engage Diversity) oRecognize the extent to which a culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power( this is in red What have you learned from policy or from experience) oGain sufficient self-awareness to eliminate the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse groups( this is in red How do you gain self-awareness/What have you learned from your coursework) oRecognize and communicate their understanding of the importance of difference in shaping life experiences ( this si in red Why is difference important yet very powerfu) loView themselves as learners and engage those with whom they work as informants. ( this is in red How do you do this Address how many people have different life experiences and how you learn from them) Competency 3: AdvanceHumanRightsandSocial,Economic,andEnvironmental(Advance Human Rights)oUnderstand the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discriminationo( (this is in red What have you learned or experienced about oppression) oAdvocate for human rights and social and economic justice ( this is in red How have you advocated for social injustice and human rights) oEngage in practices that advance social and economic justice.( thi is in red What organizations school related and professionally related organizations. If you are involved in organizations why did you select this particular organization to become a member?) Competency 4:Engage in practice-informed Research and Research informed Practice(Engage in research)oUse practical experience to inform scientific inquiryoUse research evidence to inform practiceo ( this in red How do we use our research findings to improve practice/how do we use our research findings to improve our work with individuals, communities and organizationsand policy)