Gender binaries and how the affect the multiracial Asian Americans in visual Culture.

 1. How do normative notions of gender as a binary (male/female; man/woman) and assumptions of heterosexuality contribute to a racialized understanding of Asians and Pacific Islanders? This question requires you to think about how the understandings of history and the study of AAPIs define them through white heterosexual and cis gender notions of identity, family, and community. Links to be used and at least 3 reference citation Rosalind Chou, “Why Asian American Sexual Politics?” Tim Fong “History of Asians in America” Click here to download Tim Fong -History of Asians in America Imada, A. (2004). Hawaiians on Tour: Hula Circuits Through the American Empire. American Quarterly,56(1), 111–149. doi: 10.1353/aq.2004.0009 Nishime, LeiLani. Undercover Asian: Multiracial Asian Americans in Visual Culture. University of Illinois Press, 2014. Nishime, Leilani. Undercover Asian : Multiracial Asian Americans in Visual Culture, University of Illinois Press, 2013. ProQuest Ebook Central, Created from asulib-ebooks on 2019-09-07 19:49:54.