Future of Asia’s power in the global economy will rely on women… but it starts with equal pay, better childcare and more benefits.

The annotated bibliography should be approximately 6–8 pages in length, and should include not only the items listed in the preliminary bibliography, but an additional 10 to 15 primary and secondary sources. Do not use Wikipedia. For every source, indicate in two or three sentences the source’s relevance to the thesis. Paper’s topic is to argue how women are not only vital to their own country’s economy (Japan, China & Korea) but as a whole will make sure East Asia will remain as a powerhouse in respect to Global Economics. Key things are how each country should tackle child care, equal pay, and other benefits such as maternity leave. Example: How Japan will be providing free childcare after October this year will overall help Japan with is aged workforce. Also show how other countries who have already implemented the equal pay, child care etc… have grown economically better. The final paper should be 5,000–6000 words in length, excluding the title page, the annotated bibliography and abstract.