Foundations of Non State Soldiers


Foundations Welcome to Week 1 on Foundations of Non State Soldiers. This week it is imperative that we begin to understand the unique character, capabilities, and context (use of context) of non state soldiers. Understanding these insurgents and terrorists from an up close perspective involves a beginning of understanding in the areas of insurgent psychology and characteristics, what capabilities they possess, and the unique contexts used and exploited by them. Please, answer the Following Questions: “What is the Art of Insurrection according to Leon Trotsky? How does Trotsky compare to the ancient Hebrew warrior, Judas Maccabeus?” Fully utilize the materials that have been provided to you in order to support your response. This essay should be in APA style 4 pages at least 275 words per page. Also, it should include an introduction, analysis, a summary, and a minimum of 8 references. You may also use any additional academic references related to the subject.