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CRJ4100: DUE Wednesday 9pm (11/02/16)

Article Due: Article must be related to Creating an Effective Atmosphere
You will be responsible for finding these articles for discussion and write a summary of the article to be handed in with the article.You will be graded on correct and up to date article as well as articulation of the topic with integration of the text, and turning in the actual article. Each article has a theme so look at the reading schedule to see what the article must be about.Minimum 2 page paper. Must have abstract, citations, and references. APA is a must!

CRJ4100 Discussion Board: Due Thursday9pm (11/03/16)
Have you ever heard the saying “never argue about Religion or Politics?
In the past several weeks the United States Supreme Court has handed down several decisions.One of those was on Obama Care subsidies.
Certiorari to the United States court of appeals for the fourth circuit
No. 14-114.Argued March 4, 2015–Decided June 25, 2015
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act grew out of a long history of failed health insurance reform. In the 1990s, several States sought to expand access to coverage by imposing a pair of insurance market regulations–a “guaranteed issue requirement, which bars insurers from denying coverage to any person because of his health, and a “community rating requirement, which bars insurers from charging a person higher premiums for the same reason. The reforms achieved the goal of expanding access to coverage, but they also encouraged people to wait until they got sick to buy insurance. The result was an economic “death spiral: premiums rose, the number of people buying insurance declined, and insurers left the market entirely. In 2006, however, Massachusetts discovered a way to make the guaranteed issue and community rating requirements work–by requiring individuals to buy insurance and by providing tax credits to certain individuals to make insurance more affordable. The combination of these three reforms–insurance market regulations, a coverage mandate, and tax credits–enabled Massachusetts to drastically reduce its uninsured rate.
This is a small part of the ruling.You should go to the US Supreme Court cite to get more information.
We are constantly being faced with questions about certain laws that are being past for “the good of the country.You need to take a position on the new health care law and be able to articulate what you believe/feel without starting a conflict.How would you begin this conversation when approached by someone who does not understand or agree with what the judges have stated?Would you begin your discussion from feelings or facts?Would you avoid this conversation or slap a Band-Aid on it?Would you try to dominate the conversation to confuse the other person (Conquer) or would you role-play?

You are to write a minimum of 150 words in your Discussion Board.You are to write in the APA format 6thedition and support your work by citing sources one of which should be the textbook.
CRJ3500: Due Wednesday 9PM (11/02/16)
All students are required to watch the following movies that depict various aspects of the court system and write a review of each movie. These movies are available through Netflix and should also be available through your local library, as they are classic films.Minimum 2 page paper. Must have abstract, citations, and references. APA is a must!Movie Review Two: Twelve Angry Men (1957)Movie reviews consist of the following parts: Introduction, with title, leading actors, director, and release date Summary of the story Analysis of story elements – like rising action, climax Creative elements, use of color, camera techniques, mood and tone Your opinion of the movie. You need to go further than just saying that it was “good or “bad. Think about the movie in terms of what you are learning in class and how it does or does not help you understand the concepts we are discussing. The reviews need to be analytic, as opposed to simply descriptive; by “analytic, I mean that the paper should seek to explain or understand something, and not just to describe it. You should watch the movies with a view toward what they can teach you about the course material.

CRJ3500: Discussion Board Due Thursday 9pm (11/03/16)
Based on what you have read about the job of the prosecutor; What is your opinion of the prosecutor in Baltimore on how she is handling the case of the 6 police officers?

All discussion boards must have a minimum of 150 words.It must follow the APA format with citations one of which must be your text.
Neubauer, D. (2011). Americas courts and the criminal justice system. [11th edition] University of New Orleans: Thomson/Wadsworth.