3.2 – Discussion: Interviewing with Northern Air Cargo for a Management Position

You are interviewing for a management position at Northern Air Cargo(Links to an external site.) (NAC), a general airfreight service that operates throughout Alaska. As part of your preparation for the interview, you thoroughly check out their website. You also found out that the interviewers are likely to discuss any of these topics:Air cargo and freight operationsPART I: Choose one of the Interview Topics from above and discuss how they relate to the safe and efficient management of Northern Air Cargo operations. Consider that you are interviewing with Northern Air Cargo and have been asked the following question: “As the next Manager of Aviation Operations at Northern Air Cargo how will you safely, effectively, and efficiently aIDress (Air Cargo and frieght oprarations)?”PART II: Be sure to read the responses from your classmates logically. Use your critical thinking skills, and respond to two of your peers’ posting from a managers viewpoint. Remember, a manager’s role is to provide proper thorough oversight and direction to a group that is trying to accomplish a certain task.Your post should be a minimum of 300words with at least, two sources cited. Respond to at least one of your classmates. Your responses to classmates should be at least 100 words and contribute to the continuing conversation. Citations and references must be in current APA format.Sheehan, J. J. (2013).Business and Corporate Aviation Management(2nd. ed.). New York, NY:McGraw-Hill Education