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QuestionMake a powerpoint presentation about a literature review and add some videos or images that are related to the topic
8 slides should be enough with the references attached to the last slide
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literature review
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Written communication xxxxxxxxxxx review
Students xxxxxxxxxxxx Name: Instructorx Name: Institution: Date:
Written communication xx xxx process xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx symbols either printed or xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx maintains xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx expression of xxxxxxxx and intentions xx xxx xx letters xxx other xxxxxx For xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx relationships, family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx relationships xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and friendships. A xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx for work-based relationships xx xx enables solutions by xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx on xxxx communication via writing xxx message sending services such as IMs, xxxxxxx letters, and xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Literature xxxxxx and Overview
Publication xx Miller (2004) Emphasizes xx clarity and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx on both xxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xx message. xxxx xxxxxxxx effective xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx should xx xxxxxxxxxx xx every information relayed. Good communication is a xxxxxxx traffic. That xxx xxx manner of conveying information xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx understanding. In xxxxxxxxx verbal communication, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxx emotions engaged xxxxxxxxx xxx stress xxxxxxxxxx facilitate effective written communication.
Literature xxxxxx xxx Overview (continued)
xx xxxxxxxxx et xx 2006 State that most communication xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xx organizational xxxxxxxxx xxx compromised when xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx messages are
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xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx review
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Written communication is the process of xxxxxxxxx written symbols xxxxxx printed xx hand written. Communication xxxxxxxxx human relationships xxx xxxxxxxxxx of feelings and xxxxxxxxxx by use xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx instance, xxxxxxxxxx relationships, family relationships, xxxxxxxxxxxxx between couples xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx well-defined communication structure xx critical for xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx it xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx managers. The document xxxxxxx on good communication xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx services xxxx as IMs, emails, letters, and memos xxxxx others.
Literature xxxxxx xxx Overview
xxxxxxxxxxx by Miller xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on clarity xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx on xxxx the xxxxxx and receiver xx message. This promotes xxxxxxxxx communication. Intentions xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxx information relayed. Good communication xx x two-way xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx the xxxxxx of conveying information and the moral xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx addition, verbal communication, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxx emotions xxxxxxx listening xxx stress xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx effective xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx et al 2006 State xxxx xxxx communication networks xxxx in an organizational hierarchy are compromised when xxx intended written messages are
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