Food controversy Academic Essay

Read the text below
discuss this food controversies that you’re interested in that have not been raised in class and you’d like to discuss. Don’t write like an essay, it’s more like a personal idea and discussion. (please do more research online)
Whale meat
If you ever visit Japan and don’t recognize a dark red meat on your sashimi plate, ask. It just might be Baby Beluga — or Free Willy, take your pick. Whale is eaten in Japan, Norway, Iceland and the Arctic in a variety of ways: cured or marinated, eaten raw as sashimi or dried and made into jerky.
The controversy here mainly involves sustainability issues with commercial whaling. The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling worldwide in 1986, but a plethora of loopholes allows the practice to continue. For example, according to The Atlantic writer David Nakamura, Japan has continued whaling for “scientific research” purposes, though “anti-whaling groups have called the program a thinly guised method of restocking grocery and restaurant supplies of edible whale sashimi and cured whale ham.”

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