focus on the chinese domestic violence to write an essay

Hi~ I have already wrote the first two paragraph of this essay. Please help me correct them and write the other paragraph by following the professor’s requirements:


1. effective use of outside sources

2. proper understanding of concepts and sources,

3. proper APA format!!!!

4. effective use evidence

5. effective word choice

6. focus on grammar!!!!!!

7. sentence variety!!!!!!

8. avoid word repetition!!!!!

9. proper use semi-colons!!!!

10. proper use hyphens

11. use transition words between every other sentences(do not use one often)!!!

12. just say the necessary sentence!!!!

13!!!! must cite all fact and information in APA format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You NEED to cut some part of the first two paragraphs. make the whole essay in 6 pages.( each sentences need to be necessary!!!)

I need three paragraphs in the Review Literature part, and these three need have similar length.

I need one Introduction and one Solution, these two need have similar length.

I have already give the my outline for this essay in the following file (I highlighted them). It will be great that you follow my outline, but if you have better idea, just let me know and write it perfectly~

if you have any questions just let me know as soon as possible, I will reply you quickly!!!