Fluency / Vocabulary/ integration of components

Fluency Vocabulary integration of components

1) Fluency
Understanding and Assessing Fluency retrieved from http:www.readingrockets.orgarticle27091
2) Vocabulary
Neuman, S. B., & Wright, T., S. (2014) The magic of words: Teaching vocabulary in the early childhood classroom. American Educator, 38(2), 1-13. Retrieved from https:www.aft.orgpdfsamericaneducatorsummer2014Neuman.pdf
3) Integration of Components
English Language Learners and the Five Essential Components of Reading Instruction retrieved from http:www.readingrockets.orgarticle341
The articles are the only material you suppose to read for the homework nothing else.
There are 3 different papers and one rubric that I have to send via email cuz it looses the format and it gets