First nations sweat ceremony

aAwritten analysis of your attendance at a sweat ceremony. Explain personal experience. no repeating information unless important. Label each section with clarity. OBSERVATION- what can be shared from a social work perspective to those who have never worked with this population. what are the positive attributes of Canada’s indigenous population. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF SELF-where does your compassion and empathy arise from based on the experience? how were you able to identify with this community? examine how would you be continuing with the oppression? how did your presence impact the participants? what further learning is imperative with working with this population. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- identify the transfer of learning to social work. what insight you can adapt and apply to your profession as a social worker. did you find challenge in languages what makes you an excellent ally for the community? what are your strengths and challenges and how can you further your learning of the aboriginal community. please include your understanding of settler responsibility.