Financial Strategy


Strategic evaluation and report

1,500 words (+/- 10%) Includes journals, papers and books, APA system, Journal Articles; minimum of three academic or research references. Brief: Create a strategic document which explores a way to overcome a financial challenge. For this assessment you are required to expand on your first assignment submission (Walmart ID9321458806). In the first task you were asked to identify a number of potential challenges that may arise. These were uncovered through a rigorous analysis of the financial position of the company in question and through the development of pro-forma financial statements. Here you must take review the challenges that were identified, select one particular challenge and provide a deeper explanation. You will then develop a strategy to overcome this potential challenge, utilising resources provided, and skills and knowledge developed in the unit. You must choose to either: a) Gain further funding through investors b) Improve the spending, equity or ownership structure, or c) Exit the business. All of these options will require you to undertake a business evaluation of the company. Process: You should structure your report around the following: • Introduction – A brief explanation of a particular financial challenge that the company faces based on the first assessment. • A business valuation . • A brief overview of an appropriate strategy (a, b or c). Naturally, you might not have a lot of data, and a large part of your analysis will be assumed, based on estimates and approximation. That is perfectly fine. But do ensure you highlight all the major theoretical and practical components of each of these elements and provide a thorough analysis. This kind of report is useful as a reflection exercise – say a manager or leader needing to stop and take a step back and assess the possible options- or as a strategy report to prepare for a pitch to potential investors or for decision making purposes at the executive or board level. Considerations: For consistency, make sure to use the company you selected in the first assignment. (Walmart assignment ID9321458806) • You may use data from related companies, industries or competitors to guide your own projections – just as one might do in a real-life situation. • The data and the numbers aren’t the important element in this assessment. You will be assessed based on what you do with the numbers and the analysis/arguments that you make. • You might want to use tools such as MS Excel or various online tools. Use tables and diagrams where required.