Financial Dualism and the E-Money Law Reform in Peru

Financial Dualism and the E-Money Law Reform in PeruThis paper should mainly be a detailed literature review.The aim of this paper should be:1. to show the impact that Law N 29985, also known as E-Money law, has had over the informal financial sector of Peru.2. To show that it has been the introduction of Law N 29985 and not the advancements in techonoly itself, what has enable the reduction in the usage of informal financial services and the inclusion of the unbanked population in the formal financial system.It is also important to highlight that for the purpose of this essay, the term Financial dualism refers to the gap between the formal and informal sectors of the Peruvian economy)The paper should ONLY include very academic sourcesFinally, The structure of the Paper should be:1.Introduction2.Background of the Study2. Literature Review3.Discusion4. ConclusionVERY IMPORTANT: Please note that the whole point of this dissertation is to show that financial inclusion and the reduction of the informal financial services in Peru start happening right after the introduction of the E-Money Law and not only as a result of the advancements in technology.PLEASE LOOK AT THE EXCEL FILE that I will upload later on my account as it contains all the graphs and statistics corroborating this thesis.and showing that just after e-Money law was approved in late 2012 in Peru, poor people as well as people from rural areas start incorporating in the formal financial system, instead of continue to relay on informal financial services.

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