Your writing assignment is a personal narrative essay, which is non-fiction. Your essay, we will assume, is true. Let us discuss narratives. The word fiction comes from the Latin, fictio, and meaning counterfeit. We all know that counterfeit currency looks like the real thing, but it is not. Through their fictional narratives, writers are creating counterfeit worlds. Those who write fictional narratives are not liars, because they do not claim to tell the truth; they openly admit to being counterfeiters. Their best fiction provides readers entertainment and enlightenment, pleasure and profit (i.e.: moral profit), delight and instruction. Fiction writers convey truth by their insights into life and the human condition, but none claim that they are telling the truth. On the other hand, those who write non-fiction purport to tell the truth. Writers of non-fiction report on the real world and think of themselves as truth-tellers. The trouble is, some writers who claim to write non-fiction, as with their autobiographies or memoirs, are embellishing so much that they are engaged in what some call creative non-fiction. Obviously, story-tellers embellish, but how much is too much Does James Thurber embellish in ?The Night the Bed Fell on Father?? Does Michelle Fitzpatrick embellish in ?Michelle on Tape??’ If the writer could make up a story that is somewhat believable about my grandparents taking me to India that would be great im indian

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