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Read the below forum and respond:

As a reminder, my research topic is whether or not which spouse makes more money influences whether or not infidelity would occur within the marriage. My previous research showed a moderately significant correlation between infidelity and income when the wife made more money than the husband. The infidelity occurred twice as often when the wife made “much more” than the husband.

1. H1 – Which spouse has a higher income is related to the likelihood of infidelity occurring within the marriage.

1. H0 – Which spouse has a higher income is not related to the likelihood of infidelity occurring within the marriage.

2. My confidence interval is 95%.

3. Chi- Square Test


Chi-Square Test Value df Asymptotic significance (2-sided)
Pearson Chi-Square 5.292 4 .259
Likelihood Ratio 4.235 4 .375
Linear-by-Linear Association 1.762 1 .184
N of Valid Cases 398
4. My Sig (2-tail) is .259

5. Because my P value is greater than .05, I have failed to reject the null hypothesis.

6. Because my test of asymptotic significance was larger than .05, I am unable to reject my null hypothesis. This means that the association of my variables is too weak for the implications of my research to be applied to the general population. The reason for this could possibly be because only 1 of my 5 values for my independent variable had a correlation with my dependent variable. From the GSS Data, the majority of my data was missing because the majority of respondents were not married. If a more direct survey was only given to married couples, I would have a larger sample of valid data to work with.

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