Faculty of Business, Environment and Society/coursework 2014/15 IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ THIS

Faculty of Business, Environment and Society/coursework 2014/15


Assessments must be all your own work and must not have been copied in part or in whole from any other source, such as books or the internet, or from other students’ work. If you wish to use another author’s exact words in a short quotation this must be clearly marked up in inverted commas with the exact source given, including page number, so that the reader can clearly see which words have been copied and are not your own. Just quoting references used at the end is not sufficient.

Please see your course handbook or the Faculty website for more information on referencing and university regulations on plagiarism.

Instructions for Submission
Students should submit their coursework via Turnitin on Moodle. Students must have regard for the university regulations regarding plagiarism (see above) and it is strongly advised that all students use the draft Turnitin facility before submitting their final piece of work.

Word limit:     1500 words

Task 1
You have just started work for a new employer, ABC Ltd, a marketing company, and your manager has asked you to write to the supplier of office equipment and stationery, OS Supplies Ltd. Your agreement with the company states that  all office supplies, including stationery, will be delivered to your company within 5 working days of the order being placed. On the last 6 occasions the delivery has been late. You have tried telephoning the company but it always goes to an answerphone and no one has responded to the messages you have left. Three emails regarding the matter have also been ignored. The delays have caused great inconvenience to your company as you have run out of order forms and invoices which means that there will be delays in your payments being received. This is a serious matter for your company as it is quite small and depends on invoices being paid promptly.
Your letter should use appropriate language, tone, form and structure and clearly set out what you expect from OS Supplies Ltd in the future. The address of OS supplies is 290, Rotherham Road, Chipley CH1 2AB and the managing director is Hannah Smith. ABC Ltd conduct business from 123, Wakefield Road, Chipley CH2 1BB. (250 words excluding addresses) (25% of total mark).

Task 2
Your manager has also asked if you could write a guide to workplace etiquette for new employees. It should include the following sections:
•    Welcoming the new employee to work
•    What to do if they are late
•    What they should do if they are sick
•    How they request holidays
•    Dress code
•    Keeping information learned at work completely confidential
•    Using social media e.g Twitter/Facebook in regards to the workplace
•    Email etiquette
•    Use of IT facilities for personal use
•    Who they should speak to if they have problems at work
•    Possible consequences if these workplace rules are broken (e.g disciplinary action or dismissal)

The guide should be friendly in tone but factual and clear. You can invent the information that you need to include but it should be sensible in nature, considering the purpose for which the guide is intended. You can include reasons why the company adopts such policies. For example, you can expand upon why company information should be kept confidential or explain the necessity of having a dress code. You may also want to give examples of behaviour that is acceptable so that new employees are aware of the behaviour that is expected of them. (1250 words) (75% of total mark).

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following module learning outcomes will be assessed; 1, 2 and 3. (For full breakdown see the module descriptor)

Assessment Criteria

When marking the coursework particular regard will be given to the following:

•    Identification of relevant issues;
•    Appropriate use of form and structure in the documents
•    Appropriate use of language
•    Accurate spelling
•    Accurate grammar and sentence construction
•    Suitability of use within a business setting
•    Ability to write within set word limits (see above).

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