facts in any branch of knowledge

facts in any branch of knowledgeThe task of research is to generate accurate information for use in decision making. The emphasis of research is on shifting decision makers from intuitive information gathering to systematic and objective investigation. Research is defined as the systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analyzing data for aid in making decisions.Why is Research needed / Important / Necessary?
Research facilitates effective management. At many companies research drives every aspect of major decision making. For example, at ford motor company, research is to fundamental that management makes hardly any significant decision without the benefit of some kind of research.Characteristics of Research1. Research begins with a problem in the form of a question in the mind of the researcher.2. Research demands the identification of a problem, stated in clear, unambiguous terms.3. Research requires a plan.4. Research deals with the main problem through appropriate sub-problems.5. Research seeks direction through appropriate hypotheses and is based upon obvious assumptions.6. Research deals with facts and their meaning.7. Research is circular.When Research is Needed?A manager faced with two or more possible courses of action faces the initial decision of whether or not research should be conducted. The determination of the need for research centers on Time constraints- Conducting research systematically takes time. In many instances management concludes that, because a decision must be made immediately, there will be no time for Research.Need aProfessionalWriter to Work on this Paper?

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