explain qualitative research design used in peer review articles study the four common qualitative research designs

Variations in qualitative research designs exist and new ones continue to be advanced and refined. However, there is a basic set of research designs used in most qualitative research uses one of the four common qualitative research designs. Write an introduction on the use of qualitative design for a literature review.

Narrative Research Designs

Case Study Research Designs

Ethnographic Research Designs

Grounded Theory Research

use the 10 articles i will provide or add additional references as needed.(must have 10) and Describe the research design used in each of the 10 articles. Evaluate the application of qualitative decision support tools and techniques used in each article. Identify and critique decision-making models and supporting concepts and theories used in each article.

Include an assessment (conclusion) of how the described research designs could be used to create the research design for a final literature review project in age discrimination in the business environment.