Exegesis Assignment

Description COM 220 Exegesis Assignment (100 Possible Points) An exegesis is defined as “the critical explanation or analysis of a text” (American Heritage Dictionary, online). Students will locate a research article from a communication journal that corresponds to information addressed in this class, and write a 4 – 5 page analysis of the article. You should use the RRCC Library databases, such as Academic Search Premiere, to locate an article. Be sure to download and print the article and save it so that you can submit the article with your paper. Each paper should include: • APA bibliographic citation • Purpose of the Article • Hypothesis and/or research question(s) • Methodology • Results • Author’s conclusion • Personal discussion and opinion Each section must be labeled (see Sample Exegesis below). Your paper may not exceed five (5) typed, double spaced pages. You should use 12-point font [Arial or Times New Roman] and one-inch margins. You must submit both the paper AND the article you analyzed on the due date. Points will be awarded based on your analysis and comprehension of the article: I can read the article, tell me what it means and relate your findings to course concepts and theories. Ten-points (-10) will be automatically deducted if the article analyzed is not from a communication journal. If in doubt about your chosen article/journal, ask questions! If you want to be safe on your article, go to the RRCC Library database, Communication and Mass Media Complete.