Evidence based teaching plan- hand washing in young children

Title Health Care Need – This should be one – two paragraphs which succinctly describe your topic and its significance in your target population. You will need supporting evidence for any claims you make (citations). Target Audience – This should be a detailed description of your target audience. You should go to bcps.org and look up the school for which you have signed up. You will need demographic information such as how many students are in the school, what is the socioeconomic status of the student population, what ethnicities are represented, etc. Greatschools.org and schooldigger.com are two additional resources, among others, that might be helpful as well. Barriers to Learning – In this section you should describe in detail three possible learning barriers to your teaching project, specific to your population. Learning Outcomes – In this section you should create three concrete and measurable learning outcomes for your teaching project. These should be created with the idea that you will assess whether your learning outcomes have been met on the day you are at the school. Method of Content Presentation – In this section you should describe how you will present your teaching project to the target population. You should include here the evidence you found to support the method of learning you chose for your target population. Be sure to include citations. Method of Evaluating the Learning Outcomes – How will you measure whether your learning outcomes were met by each student? What is the best method to evaluate learning in this age group? Be sure to include citations with the evidence you found to support your decisions to create an age-appropriate evaluation plan. Thorough, Detailed Content Outline – In this section you should create a thorough, detailed outline of all of the content you will be teaching the students. References – Place your references in APA format in this section. You should include a minimum of four scholarly references, two of which must be articles from peer-reviewed scholarly journals.