evaluate the real-time performance such as sampling rate, interrupt latency, response time and computer loading.

The purpose of this project is to test the performance of the real time system.

1         Objectives

  1. To learn how to analyse spectrum of a digital signal using DFT method
  2. To learn how to program the DFT algorithm in C
  3. To learn how to perform I/O operations using interrupt method and program/implement them using the evaluation toolkit
  4. To evaluate the real-time performance such as sampling rate, interrupt latency, response time and computer loading.

2         Overview

Real time digital signal processing requires high computational performance and fast real time response. Physical signals are to be sampled before being processed by computers or microprocessors.  Issues such as sampling rate and analogue to digital conversion shall be considered in the first place.

In real time applications, input/output operations such as sampling signals or displaying signals are generally time-consuming so that such tasks shall be implemented in the interrupt service routine(ISR). Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT) will be used for signal spectral analysis and will be coded and implemented in the real-time signal processing systems. The spectrum of the sampled signal will be displayed in external equipment or visual signal viewer.


Real time system performances especially interrupt latency, response time, and computer loading will be evaluated for this digital signal processing application.


Additional information about the project, and how it is suppose to be done:

  1. Tutor must be able to identify how to display the graphical output of the done DFT.
  2. In this project, basically we will use a digital signal sampling and processing as an embedded application.

There will be tasks such as reading the signal, displaying the signal in a scope, processing the data such as filtering and/or FFT, displaying the spectral, etc. The critical design issues include deciding what to be placed in the main process and what to be placed at interrupted mode, be it in regular basis or an as-needed basis.

The system will be built on a microcontroller which supports ARM Cortex-M3 and interrupts mode exceptions.



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