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The dynamics of international business are increasingly dominated by emerging economies.  In recent years the BRIC economies have changed the global

economic landscape.  Other economies are set to emerge and hence contribute to further change.  Although the future could be characterised as a

global process economic growth encompassing more and more countries, predicting the future economic landscape is becoming increasingly uncertain.  A

number of factors are set to impact the global economy although it is unclear and hence difficult to predict exactly how.  As such a continuous cycle

of emerging economies is increasingly unlikely.
Your assignment task is :-
From a consideration of ONE of the following key factors :-
•    Population demography
•    Ecological change
•    Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Advances in technology
Critically assess the likely impact on patterns of international business and hence cycle of emerging economies.  Your answer should seek to

characterise your chosen factor from contemporary sources and make reference to relevant international trade theory and frameworks such as Vernon’s

Product Life Cycle, patterns of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Flying Geese theory, globalisation frameworks and/or any other relevant theory &

frameworks identified from lectures and/or your wider reading.

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