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Cloud Computing Vendors and Products
1. For your Lab assignment this week, I would like you to research a technology company and a cloud based service that it sells. This service should be a Cloud Based Virtualization product that provides a solution to a customer. This solution should be so that they can install operating system software directly onto logical hardware virtualized in the cloud. Please don’t confuse this with your earlier Virtualization assignment. Before we were focused on software products installed on local bare-metal hardware. Now we are concerning ourselves with software products running on hardware available in the cloud. There are many different businesses that provide these types of services. You will need to do a Google search on different Cloud Based vendors. One of the most prominent of these is Amazon Web Services (AWS). After doing this you will select ONE vendor and the product they provide for Cloud-Based Virtualization. You can select the same virtualization vendor or product you covered in your Virtualization post, but be ready to bring NEW information to the Lab. If you were told that you could not use it now then you will need to find another product. Some companies offer different software implementations. Make sure that you are not

Again take a look at AWS and see what they have to offer. There are literally a good 20 or 30 products you can find in a Google search from this company alone. Once you begin your paper and tell us what you have discovered, next you will need to complete some research. Your paper will be a 500 word essay in MLA format using correct citations with at least 3 sources. Keep in mind that we need this simplified and easy to understand. Do NOT copy a source word for word. Your paper must be in your own words. We are using this to broaden your horizons as well as an opportunity for you to help others learn.