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Audience Ethnography


How much do we have to include in our appendix?
1. Only including in your appendix a selection of key articles you actually refer to in some depth in your analysis. Roughly 5-8 from each news org should be sufficient.

2. Making it clear in your written document the volume of research you undertook (so we can appreciate the hard work you have done without having to lug it all around!) – explaining what data you collected – and explaining which articles/screenshots you have decided to include in your appendix.
Photocopy and use the log sheet that will be distributed in class to fill out details from your observations over the 4 weeks. You may use Marie Gillepie’s observations on the use of television among South Asian families in Southall as a guide (Gillespie 1995, see Week 9 readings). You must attached these log sheets and all working notes on observations to your final report.
Your log must provide details on the following:
• Day, time, channel, type (e.g. free-to-air, pay TV)
• The nature of the content (programs watched, genre, language, advertisements etc.)
• Duration of viewing
• Other uses of television (e.g. to watch DVDs, use of games consoles etc.)
• The people who shared or participated in the viewing events (describe them)
• Activities that took place during the viewing events
Your report will summarize your key observations and findings over the 4 weeks and directly link these to course materials (especially Week 9 readings, including extra readings) and other relevant readings you find, as well as concepts discussed in lectures and tutorials.
Submit your report and log as one document to Turnitin
Students will be assessed on their ability to:
• <!–[endif]–>Clearly articulate the aim and method of their research.
• Use robust and varied data from ethnographic observations.
• Make connections using different forms of evidence.
• Keep a comprehensive log with relevant and substantial observational data over a three-week period.
• Refer to at least 3 relevant sources from the unit reader and more than 4 thoughtfully chosen academic sources beyond the reader.
• Structure the report in a clear, logical and engaging way.
• Discuss ideas with relevant frameworks, linking concepts to insights based on the findings.
• Effectively integrate cited material, with complete and appropriate referencing.
• Write clearly, concisely and directly, without spelling or grammatical errors.

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