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Geotechnical Design

1.   Look for a particular case of slope instability in London or surrounding area,
where the student will make a field visit, take pictures and try to identify the
type of soil involved (if granular soil: does it contain fines? Is it stiff  or loose?
Is it gravel or sand?; if fine soil: is it stiff or loose? Does it have water on the
surface? Is it very plastic?)
2.   To generate a 2 dimensional cross section of the slope (mainly, elevation and
angle of slope).
3.   To look for and/or estimate all the  soil parameters, required for making the
calculations. This information can be found in the books proposed for the
module. Maybe the student can have access to real information for the
particular soil (for example, from lab tests provided by any company) . The
adopted parameters must be justified, and the source where obtained from,
must be reported and acknowledged.
4.   Estimate the safety coefficient of the slope, using the simplified methods
delivered during the module.
5.   Design a rigid retaining   wall, using the simplified methods delivered during
the module.
6.   Repeat the same calculations, using FLAC 2D.
7.   Compare both results, and critically evaluate the obtain solutions.
8.   Write the report, completing the following structure:
a.   Introduction. Selected Problem.
b.   Idealization of the problem. Geometry and soil parameters.
c.   Design:
i.   Manual calculation: safety coefficient of the slope.
ii.   Manual design of a rigid retaining wall.
iii.  FLAC 2D: checking the slope stability.
iv.  FLAC 2D: design of a rigid retaining wall.
d.   Discussion: obtained solutions and comparison.
e.   Conclusions.

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