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Compare measures that could be taken by the medical profession and the drinks industry and make appropriate recommendations. Consider two of the following aspects when comparing methods:

* Feasibility

* Ease of implementation

* Impact of implementation

Important information:
Your report must use sub-headings and a numbering system throughout
The report should be 1200 words

Use of Sources
Refer to secondary sources to support your ideas. You may use materials from the student book, but you must also refer to at least three academically-suitable sources from your own research.
Refer to data where appropriate.
Support should be synthesised where appropriate.
Provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report.
Use English language sources – you should not translate ideas from non-English sources.

What you will be assessed on:

The relevance of your ideas to the task.
The structure of your report (how well you planned your report and how well you link your ideas within and between paragraphs).
How well you support your ideas using sources and how accurate your in-text referencing and final references are.
How appropriate and accurate your use of English language is, especially register and report style.

For the structure it should be similar to :
-presentation of options
-evaluating options

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