“enlightened’ woman. Who are the women of enlightenment?

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Instructions:Topic Essay I Friends, before we get to our essay question, let us appreciate this painting that says a lot about what society expected of an “enlightened’ woman. Who are the women of enlightenment? What should they look like? As this painting reflects, an enlightened woman had to be beautiful and feminine, but also intelligent. Being enlightened does not mean that women should be masculine. Rather, they should have something more than their beauty. A woman of enlightenment is a professional, she is smart, and she is creative. Look at the painting above. What this woman is wearing is not particularly fancy or revealing. She is dressed simple and austere. But the decorative headpiece reflects that she does care about her looks. The image you are looking at is a self-portrait of the famous French painter, Marie Lousie Elizabeth Vigée Lebrun, who fits that description. She lived between 1755 and 1842 and embodied those characteristics of an enlightened woman. By the way, she became famous for painting portraits of one of the most controversial symbols of the old world, or ancien régime, Marie Antoinette. How ironic? Such an enlightened person was so much into painting that hated symbol of the old who supposedly had said, “Why can’t they eat cake?” when hungry peas-ants marched to protest rising food price. Well…here is the question for Topic Essay 1. “In what specific ways, did the scientific revolution and enlightenment “enlighten” Western European society?” A dictionary definition of “Enlighten” is to “give greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation” If I may elaborate it a bit, to enlighten is to give a better understanding of human nature, human society, world and the universe. By definition, the first assignment is most challenging because students are not fully confident of what is expected of the assignment. Grading of Topic Essay 1 will take that into consideration. So, let me repeat my mantra here – JBY, which means, JUST BE YOURSELF. As to the importance of being original, the English philosopher George Moore said the following “Taking something from one man and making it worse is plagiarism.” I agree. When you write, just be yourself and, one way or another, you will inspire your reader. As you know, you need to submit your essay to Turnitin (Go to Topic Essay 1 Submission). This program analyzes how original or unoriginal the submission is.