english research paper 20

Part I sets the scene and foundation for the argument of your paper. In 450-600 words, you should provide a summary of the most important information and facts relating to:

  • Your author’s biography
  • The historical context of:
    • the time period in which the story is set
    • the time period in which the author was writing

You will achieve the above by both paraphrasing key ideas and also incorporating direct quotes (when needed) from your sources. Also, you should explain why you think the information you have summarized is relevant to your thesis.

  • It is critical that you include information that is going to be relevant to the argument and your thesis.
  • For instance, if writing about Kate Chopin, you may want to include information about her marital status and family background, since both stories relate to those topics, but you may choose to leave out other details, like the fact that all of her sisters died when she was young, because this is not as relevant to your argument.
  • You cannot include everything in this summary, so this is an exercise in using concise descriptions and prioritizing the most important information.