english essay 242


For the final essay, you will create a proposal for an organization related to your major or career path that you plan on pursuing. We will spend time in your journals and discussions creating ideas and inspiration for this organization. The organization that you create must address a need in the world that you can fulfill. Think about what are the important issues to you and how you can address them with your organization.

Proposal Components

Your essay will take the form of a proposal that you might imagine submitting to potential investors, partners, or customers. You will need to include the following components in your proposal:

  • Summary/Mission Statement: In the summary, you will provide an overview of your organization, how it relates to your major, and its potential to affect change in the world.
  • Statement of need: Describe why this project is necessary.
  • Project Description: Describe the project in detail, over the space of several paragraphs. Why are you interested in this project? What do you hope it will result in? How might you go about implementing it? Why should someone support your project? This section should make up the bulk of your paper.
  • Conclusion: Encourage your audience to act upon the information you have provided them with.


  • Follow a consistent format (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • 5-7 double-spaced pages
  • Make sure to cite any sources.