End Stage Renal Disease -KIDNEY FAILURE

The background and significance (B&S) paper is a five (5) page paper in APA format (excluding title page, abstract, references and appendices) that could form the introductory section of your DNP Clinical Scholarly Project (CSP). The B&S paper will introduce a clinical problem and the clinical context that led you to identify the clinical question. You will review the relevant background literature and explore its significance to your clinical setting. You will discuss the historical and societal perspective of the problem and expand on how this affects the current clinical situation that led to the problem. You will conclude with a discussion of the incidence and prevalence of the clinical problem and assess the larger scope for possible solutions. You will speak in a 3rd person tone. You will include an appendix with a Matrix of your five (5) selected research articles. THE PAPER SHOULD BE IN THIS FOLLOWING SEQUENCES Introduction and Background & Significance 7.5 points (30/150) Assessment of the Phenomena (problem statement) 10 poinT Historical and Societal Perspective 5 points (20/150) Incidence and Prevalence 10 points (40/150) APA: Communication Style and Mechanics 5 points (20/150)