econ305 one discussion and one homework

After reading Chapter 9 (Hellman & Alper, 2006) and Chapters 1 & 2 (Winters, 2008) and gaining an understanding of the economic model of criminal behavior, answer the following questions:

Note: Your response to each of your course discussion questions should be at least 250 words. Also, be sure to post a response to the comments of at least on fellow classmate.

1.) On public policy aimed at combating organized crime to eliminate business opportunities for the organized firms, what are some examples of the implementation of this policy? Has it been successful?

2.) Organized crime is only involved in illegal activities because that’s what they do best. True or false? Explain. Rephrase: Organized crime only exists because criminal enterprises have the opportunity to engage in criminal activities.

3.) Describe the concept of efficient crime. Who do you feel benefits most from crime? Explain why.

4.) Describes varies consequences (punishments) for crimes committed as discussed in your textbook. Do you feel that deterrence works? Why or why not?

Be sure to respond to all of the main discussion questions. Also, you must post a response to at least one of the comments of your fellow classmates (two days prior to the end of the module).