duscussion question about african american

Hi there, this is African American class. this discussion minimum 300 :

Respond to the Charlie Rose Interview with the editors of our anthology back in 1997. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Nellie McKay, and Jamaica Kincaid discuss a variety of issues in African American literature: the formation of a canon, why African American studies exists, the vernacular, hip hop/rap, the history of anthologies, Black Vernacular English, and the African American experience as part of the American experience.

Respond with what this interview made you think of about African American literature and why we study it.

If you need more specific direction, here are some possible topics:

What does this interview make you think about our class anthology or the history of the study of African American literature in American institutions of higher learning?

Why this platform (a PBS show) and audience?

What do you think of Kincaid’s idea about African Americans being used as a distraction in American culture? She mentions a historical example from the early 19th century as well as references the recent (at the time of this interview) OJ Simpson trial.

Option 2:

The Blues and Gospel are two genres of African American music that have greatly influenced the 20th century musical artistic output of the United States. Connect the genre, blues or gospel, (or one song from our anthology) to a song or musician of your choice. Example: what do you see as the influence of the blues on singer/songwriters like Pharrell Williams, Common, or John Legend? Your choice does not have to be an African American artist. You could argue for the influence of the blues on rock bands such as Aerosmith (who recorded an album of blues music called Honkin on Bobo in 2004).

Use the anthology (either Gates’ descriptions of the genre and/or a song example) in your discussion.

Three hundred words minimum.