Drifters Bar and Grill approach

In thinking of your venture, what is the one “best approach” strategy for your competitive advantage that you will use/are using? Why? In addition, answer the following situational analysis as applied to your venture (reference Chapter 2 of your text). ****** put chapter 2 PDF in uploaded file section/please use as one of your sources********* Submit your responses (by question number): How many suppliers does your organization depend on for the bulk of its raw materials and components? How much of your organization’s products/services are produced in the most efficient method? How do you know? How much has labor productivity increased over the last year? Or, how much do you expect it to increase over the upcoming year? To what extent could product efficiency be improved by a better physical layout or a change in facilities? Minimum of two scholarly sources Minimum 2 pages Format your paper according to APA guidelines ______ My business is a bar and grill in Costa Rica called Drifters. This bar and grill also has a set of bungalows attached for vacation rentals. We work with other small local companies to help promote and lift up the community. We also raise money for the homeless._______