Dramaturgical analysis

Dramaturgical analysis

Paper instructions:
In two pages, consider your own  various statuses. What is your master status?  Does it change in certain situations?  How do your roles  change (or perhaps

conflict) within  your own status set?  You also may want to consider Dramaturgical analysis- and how we  all attempt to control the impressions that we make on others

within our various day to day interactions.

(NOTE: for this assignment, pretend that you’re an 18 year old male)
Also, please do not make the paper too professional, like using hard vocabulary words.
€¢Grade will be based on how well the student answered the actual question being asked in each assignment.
€¢Grades will also be based on each student’s ability to integrate course materials and sociological terms into their work, not just by quoting the text but by

interpreting it.

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