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300 word minimum, Please follow the attached rubric, Must have christian reference

As a professional, it is important that you are up to date on current issues and trends in the field of education. What is your plan to grow professionally after this course and what is a description of the professional you would like to be? (Be sure to connect it with something you learned from the presentation.) Feel free to add a favorite TED talk video link or other resource that reinforces your thoughts on professionalism.

Part of the video transcript is below.

Let’s hear from 3 educators doctor Shantae Austin who teaches and leadership courses at both the master’s and doctorate level doctor Michelle good one who serves on the school of education leadership team and Mr. Justin Sylvie who has taught school counseling and the middle and high schools so let’s ask from what is professionalism how can you be a Christian professional what are key qualities that are needed in order to be considered professional or unprofessional and finally can you be friendly with colleagues and administrators without blurring the lines between friendship and your professionalism roll Hi my name that the shot had more often in this presentation is on professionalism if you look into Webster’s dictionary professionalism has a different type of definition given basically it focuses on the characteristics of a professional and so that really doesn’t help us but let’s think about professionalism and aspect of educators professionalism we’re focusing on your style your demeanor basically how you interact with people it ministrate hers faculty student we also focus on the way you dress is as a professional you know you want to always make sure your clothes are professionally laid out as a teacher I had to remember that we are role models for our student so therefore we have to make sure that what we wear is appropriate for I live in we hope that you look i.e. Your pants up have a belt to 1 loss to time but side and suspenders that always looks very professional and for ladies we also would love you to wear your dress is a dress pants things that are loosely fitting because again we do represent liberty University we want to make sure that people see us and we have 3 member that was versus X 1st impression to the lasting impression so therefore we do want to be professional in all that we do also it professionalism you need to think about email is a ciety in the societie which we live in now if you look at e-mail a lot of times the old text your friend to your say Hey how are you doing but and IA professional world you need to make sure you’re careful with what types of things you use and your email messages do not use acronyms but make sure of it you know you are dressing I addressed that in a professional manner also think about when you enter the classroom we should always greet your students is agreed to cooperate and teacher and also they administrators always carry on to professional demand on demeanor and everything’s you say and do also as a Christian we have to make sure that others see God in us and what we wear and what we say it is the way we carry ourselves and in doing that that means we’re representing cries so as you go out into the classrooms always keep your head up contains a live as God what have I to live as I said look as where they God will want you to look he wanna make sure the when you go as that classroom that you are a role model because done as well look at you so what you wear again what you say Allah’s will always say OK I want to be like that person so this is it for today we hope that you enjoyed it and always a number of the professional in all that you do thank you

my name is Michelle good man and I serve as the associate deans the licensure programs at liberty University school of education and I have been asked to talk to you today for few minutes on professionalism this one is very near and dear to my heart because I feel that is educators you really have to display display the utmost professionalism because you are training them next set of professionals in the future so on and to talk a few minutes about questions that I was given to you answer to help you understand better what is expected of you when you’re in the field the 1st question that I was asked to talk to about was while completing field experiences how important is it to display professional behaviors and the 1st thing that I thought of when I read this question is it’s not important as critical critic luitye a better where the important here some reasons the 1st thing is that you are practicing to be a future professional now is the time for you to practice that is behaviors look at others that are in the field how they dress how did they acted meetings find some people that you really feel are good leaders in your building and watch how they interact with others your field experience can open some doors for you if I administrators and people see you performing in a professional manner they see that you’re consistent in what you do that’s probably in open some future doors for you and the opposit I would say of that is if you are not professional and that field experience it will close doors for you I feel like in the age that we live in right now the information technology moves so quickly if there something that you do that is unprofessional it will quickly be spun around about something even your dead we 8 me CM news media all the time about teachers and other professionals acting and unprofessional ways and that hits the airways very quickly so you might be closing doors for yourself in the future if you don’t take seriously your field experience in your internship now when you’re out there the last thing I’d like to say is when you are representing liberty University you are also representing Christ and you may sometimes be the only Bible that people really read is you and your actions and how you respond to others and how you respond to situations your integrity all of those characters know that cosplay really reflect L you they reflect cries they reflect obviously you so make sure that you always stop and think the how should I respond in the situation what would Christ do that’s going to be your best way to make sure that you stay professional in all situations the next question that I was told to respond to was what are behaviors that supervising teachers administrators students and parents should see in you will I could you know I could write-up a long list of those but I’ve tried to keep them down so about 10 or so though I’ll read though 3 those quickly and by the way we call these dispositions in the school of education would be all here the buzzword dispositions and I’ve written down some of these if you go to the website the add on the adviseing guy you’ll find these dispositions and 1 of them is professionalism in the indicators that go with that here are some of the things that we want to see in you follow through with commitments if you say you’re going to do something do it take responsibility for things complete your task on time if you say if you’re a fury report cards are due on Wednesday do we haven’t done on Tuesday said that there well I had a time of what’s on due on Wednesday make sure that you get there every day that you are there promptly if you’re supposed to be there at 8 o’clock be there at 8 o’clock don’t be there in 805 and fact the best thing would be there to be there at 7:50 few supposed to be there 8 o’clock or even earlier if you need to get in and plan and get materials ready for