Part 1. Both Robin Breon and Jean Yoon urge “greater opportunities for visible minorities … in mainstream Canadian

cultural and artistic life” (Breon KIT 5). Please briefly address what you have experienced thus far in your attendance

to the performances you have witnessed this semester with reference to the inclusion of “visible minorities” acting

within them. This should be no more than two or three sentences.

Part 2. In her article, Jacqueline Petropoulos writes, “the play … disrupts both popular and official views of

multiculturalism by refusing to pinpoint a singular and unchanging site as the locus of cultural or ethnic

identity”(122). Talk about what she is referring to here and how the production you attended for this section reflects

this statement. If it doesn’t, how might it, instead, uphold “popular” and/or”official views” by pinpointing singular

and unchanged site[s] as the locus [or loci] of cultural or ethnic identity[ies].

You will be graded on how well your post reflects your engagement with the readings and how you apply them to the show

you attended.

Please be certain to address both parts of this question with your greatest focus on Part 2.

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