discussion board 1202

For this discussion, please respond to the following prompts as we explore what is meant by the term ‘urban’ in North America:
Use a 20 year planning horizon when responding to the questions below:

  1. What data is useful in determining the boundary between urban/suburban/rural areas?
  2. What demographic data is necessary for urban planning?
  3. How much land should be developed?
  4. How much land should remain in open space?
  5. What are the infrastructure needs? Should you expand sewer and water utilities into farmland for expanding urban areas? How can you best allocate infrastructure in urban areas that have decreasing populations?
  6. What would you do with vacant land in abandoned urban areas?
  7. How can urban geographers help in planning for natural hazards, for example, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes?

Use at least two (2) credible internet sources in your discussion forum; Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias cannot be used as a source. You must create a new thread to discuss Urban Sprawl, and then respond to comments posted by at least two other students. Remember to cite your internet source using MLA format.