Discussion and Interpretation of Data Tables

What skeletal parts are best represented for each of the dominant species in each Layer? Is the representation of skeletal parts in the two Layers similar or different? What kids of parts are most frequently present? Which are absent or rare? How were these animals butchered? Are there many cut-marks and percussion-marks? Where are the butchery marks commonly located? Are green fractures abundant? Is there a difference between the Layers? Have the bones been broken open for marrow extraction? Were the bone frequently burnt? Did carnivores significantly impact the assemblage? •Now that you have compared the assemblages from the two Layers in detail, refer to Niven et al. (2012) to make wider comparisons. Are the patterns apparent from Abri Peyrony similar or different for those seen at Jonzac? In what way are they similar and/or different? Consider species diversity, skeletal part representation and surface modifications.•Summary and conclusions about the faunal assemblage.