Discuss the steps of Writing Messages for Electronic Media

Read:We  You://./2007/06/we–you-2Reinventing Your Personal Brand://./2011/03/reinventing-your-personal-brandHow to Use Linked In to Get Promoted://..com/sites//2016/09/20/how-to-use–to-get-promoted/#1c32b7f1230eManaging Yourself://./2010/11/managing-yourself-whats-your-personal-social-media-strategyBusiness networking websites such as , , and  have become popular places for professionals to make connections that would be difficult or impossible to make without the . An important aspect of business networking is being able to provide a clear description of your professional background and interests. For example, a manufacturing consultant can list the industries in which she has experience, the types of projects she has worked on , and the nature of work she’d like to pursue in the future (such as a full-time position for a company or additional independent projects.: Write a brief statement to introduce yourself, including your educational background, your job history, and the types of connections you’d like to make. You can “fast forward” to your graduation and list your degree, the business specialty you plan to pursue, and any relevant experience. If you have business experience already, you can use that experience instead. Make sure your statement is clear, concise, and compelling.Assume you are a member of a local volunteer group of 15 people interested in nature conservancy. Your group is considering launching a campaign to educate people about an environmental issue affecting your area (select an issue that you care about). The leader of your group has asked you to find some examples of how other conservation groups use social media to get their message out and to make some recommendations for your group’ campaign.: Use Google to find some examples or conservation groups that use social media to promote their cause. Write an email message to your director describing how social media are currently used by one of the groups you found and give your opinion of their effectiveness, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of your group using these media. Include your suggestions.

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