Discuss the evolution of End User Development.

Discuss the evolution of End User Development..

End User Development of information creating resources is common practice in many organisations. This includes development of applications to create and distribute information to assist with decision making using spreadsheet packages such as Excel.

Your task is to

Discuss the evolution of End User Development

Discuss the problems organisations face in relation to End User Development

Relate problems faced to the creation of spreadsheets in Excel

Discuss strategies that can be implemented by management to monitor and control the End User Development within their organisations to avoid these problems.

You must use the template on attachment file to format your report.

Marking Criteria:

Clear discussion of End User Development and problems

Clear linkage to the use of spreadsheets to create information for decision making

Recommendations of management strategies of the End User Development process

You will be expected to include at least 4 online academic sources in addition to any readings supplied online published since 2009

Correct use of the Harvard Referencing standards throughout your submission

Discuss the evolution of End User Development.

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