Discuss Book 11 of the Odyssey (the descent into the underworld) and analyze its significance to the epic as a whole

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These are all the books that can be utilized to answer one of the topic questions Texts: Gilgamesh, trans. David Ferry 1992 (MPS) ISBN 9780374523831 Genesis (Peng Rand) ISBN 978080410909062 Homer, The Odyssey, Trans. Robert Fagles 1996 (Penguin) ISBN 9780140268867 Sappho, Poems, trans. Mary Barnard, 1958 (Cal-Prince) ISBN 9780520223127 Sophocles, Three Theban Plays, trans. Robert Fagles, 1982 (Penguin) ISBN 978014044254 Job (Peng Rand) ISBN 978080410909062 Aristophanes, Lysistrata 1994 (Dover), ISBN 9780486282251 Virgil, The Aeneid, Trans. David Ferry 2017 (U of Chicago Press) ISBN 9780553210415 The Gospel According to Matthew (Peng Rand) ISBN 978080410909062 Dante, Inferno, Trans. Robert Pinsky 1994 (MPS) ISBN 9780374524524 Here are all the topic Questions:

1. Discuss Book 11 of the Odyssey (the descent into the underworld) and analyze its significance to the epic as a whole. 2. Examine the roles of three supporting characters in the Gilgamesh, Genesis or the Odyssey. 3. Compare Sappho’s love poems with the Song of Songs as lyrical representations of love. Consider diction as well as imagery and human characterization. 4. Consider the monsters in Gilgamesh and/or Odyssey as symbols or projections of human fears and desires. 5. Consider the role of women in any of the works we have covered. You may wish to make a comparison with the depiction of Eve in Genesis or the depiction of women by Sappho. 6. Does Sappho give a different perspective into the lives and inner lives of women compared with the relatively masculine-centered texts of Genesis and the Odyssey? Consider and discuss. 7. Discuss the roles of dreams, prophecies and portents in Gilgamesh, Genesis and The Odyssey. 8. Compare the roles of the “author” in the first three texts of our syllabus. To what extent is the author “visible” or “audible”? To what extent is the author conscious of his or her song/story as a work of art? How does the problem of (possibly) multiple authors complicate our understanding of author, authenticity, and authority? 9. Compare the flood tales in Gilgamesh and Genesis, with an emphasis on the main themes or lessons of the two works. Do not try to discuss every detail; discuss only the details that support your interpretations of the two stories.