Disability Studies – Charlton reading

 Respond to the following questions. One reading per question. * Charlton reading – 1. (Nothing about us without us) provides a very radical conception of disability issues. Charlton describes the third component of disability oppression as where the person with disability internalizes the negative perceptions being portrayed by society and over time begins to believe them (p 27). What are the factors leading to this internalization and these negative images? * Bauman reading – 2. Deaf culture poses a significant challenge to the notion of inclusion, normalization, the idea of “deaf gain.” Bauman posits the value of deafness as a form of cultural diversity or the idea of deafness as an enhancement to society rather than the idea of deafness as a disability. Respond to the issue of “deaf gain” as a benefit to society. * Drake reading – 3. How did the development of the “welfare state” influence the benefits and services provided to people with disabilities? * Rioux reading – 4. Rioux challenges the notion of equality with a redefinition of its meaning to include outcomes in addition to just equality of opportunity. What does equality of well-being and citizenship involve for Rioux? (Paragraph 55). * Longmore reading- 5. Why I burned My Book? How are the issues of benefits relevant today? How have they changed since he wrote the book in 2003? Reminder: 1. Remember to cite the readings you are referring to in your postings. 2. Remember to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the readings.