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Please NOTE:
* I attached to my Digital Story as a Word fil
read it and then:
1. Edit in the digital story in order to be with the following TASK:

– Answers the following question by your Digital Story:
((Who do I aspire to be as an educational leader and why?))
– After completing your digital story write a 300 word abstract
outlining the main messages of your digital story. Include a
reference list of literature and resources used in the digital
– Written component- abstract, script and reference list
Structure of digital story:
1. Introduction: Introduce yourself and your leadership
experience and ambitions
2. Explanation: Provide an explanation of the type of leader
you inspire to be. Include examples, inspirational
people, theory and literature. You may like to structure
this section using 3-5 key messages/ideas
3. Implications: Include an account of implications for
yourself as an educational leader. Think about what you
aspire to be and what you need to consider to achieve
this. You may choose to include some personal goals in
this section.
1. Provide a clear and coherent introduction
2. Ability to reflect deeply on values, beliefs and experiences
that drive your understanding of educational leadership
3. Ability to integrate educational leadership theory and
literature to personal reflections
4. Ability to consider the implications for your leadership style
and aspirations
NOTE:- Digital Story’s word between 700 to 1000 words
– Abstract words is 3000 words

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