Differences between Desiree Aubigny and Faith Brown

 Write a comparison or contrast essay about the corresponding characters in the table below. You will choose three of the points of comparison from the pool below as your points of comparison or contrast. Keep in mind that the purpose of a comparison or contrast essay is to reveal something meaningful about the characters and their relationships to the text. You will be using a point-by-point style of comparison: While some differences between Desiree Aubigny and Faith Brown are evident, they are similar in the aspects of Generosity, Relationships with others, and Religion (you will determine three points of comparison from the pool, and those will become the topics of your three body paragraphs). Your essay must be at least 1,000 words in length (do not count the title page, abstract, or references page in your word count). Format your draft in APA style (Times New Roman 12-point font, double spacing, running head) and include the following elements: 1. Title page, 2. Abstract (150-200 words, NOT counted in length requirement) 3. Introduction and thesis statement, 4. Three fully developed body paragraphs with properly integrated and cited supporting quotes, 5. Conclusion, and 6. References page Characters: Desiree Aubigny: Biography, Vol. 2, pp. 441-442 and “Désirée’s Baby,” Vol. 2 pp. 442-446 (fiction) Faith Brown: Biography, Vol. 1 pp. 651-655 and “Young Goodman Brown,” Vol. 1 pp. 668-677 (fiction)