Difference between Privacy and Confidentiality

 Define privacy and confidentiality in regards to nursing profession. Discuss the case study “Making the Best Choice”. Must contain 2 references and examples to argue the topic. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes. No direct quotes are allowed. 275 words minimum. Lora is a 17 year old cheerleader. She comes to the local family planning clinic requesting birth control pills. Lora is attractive, neat and pleasant. Int he process of completing the initial physical examination, the nurse practitioner finds evidence of physical abuse, including a recent traumatic perforated eardrum. Lora hesitantly and tearfully admits that her biological father slapped her across her left ear prior to coming into the clinic. She reports that she recently moved into his home after living with her mother and stepfather.She tearfully reports that her stepfather had been sexually abusive to her and she wishes to remain with her biological father. She says she can tolerate being slapped around occasionally, and does not want her biological father to get into trouble or be forced to move back into her stepfathers house. State law requires the nurse to report any suspicion of child abuse. Both codes of ethics and federal law require that the nurse maintain confidentiality.