Development of Canada Medicare

 Write a critical comment, In the critical comment, identify an idea presented in a reading and explain why or how you find it interesting or important in 60-70 words or six sentences maximum — not a half or full page. Do not summarize the reading. The weekly reflection provides an opportunity for you to think critically about readings and better understand your belief system. Writing – and reflecting — helps reinforce your learning, and read critically. Post your comment each week by clicking “Weekly Critical Comments” on the left panel on the homepage of the course website on Blackboard. Then click the appropriate folder to post your comment. Each comment is worth 1%. Do not upload a Word document or your comment will not be marked. Please type your comment directly into the box that appears. Comments MUST be posted by Monday 9am each week to receive the point. A bonus comments worth 1% is due by Sept. 11, 6pm. Identify a healthcare issue you think is important and explain why. The first comment on an assigned reading is due by Monday, September 16, 9am — Mondays 9am each week for 10 weeks. You will have one full week each week to post your comment. The critical comments are a participation mark for the course.