Developing an Implementation Plan Custom Essay

Developing an Implementation Plan Ancy Vallavanatt Grand Canyon University Professional Research Project NRS-441 Joyce Morrison September 10, 2011 Developing an Implementation Plan Implementation Strategy 1.Obtain necessary paper work for approval from superiors and fellow staff members 2.Highlight current problems related to catheterization and CAUTI 3.Present proposed solution 4.Provide detailed explanation of the proposed solution a.Proper assessment for catheterization b.Explore other options c.Proper catheter type and size d.Proper process of insertion e.Proper anchoring or securing f.Proper maintenance and timely removal 5.Provide implementation logistics 6.Present resources needed for implementation a.Staff members b.Educational materials like power point presentation, c.Assessment tools like questionnaires, d.Technology e.Funds Implementation Plan Obtaining Necessary Approvals

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