develop a quotation sandwich based on the literature book they say i say 4e with readings

Develop a quotation sandwich (Introduction – Quote – Explanation/Analysis) based on the Claim and Quote below.

The claim: Students should think carefully about their choice of major if they want a good return on investment for their college degree.

The quote: Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill: “According to Census’ calculations, the lifetime earnings of an education or arts major working the service sector are actually lower than the average lifetime earnings of a high school graduate” (“TSIS” with Readings, p.326)

2) The following quotes are missing part of the quotation sandwich. Supply the missing part with either an introduction or an explanation.

  • Richard Dorment, “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All“ (“TSIS“ with Readings, p. 555, paragraph 24, Galinsky’s quote)
  • Michaela Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?” (“TSIS” with Readings, p.462, paragraph 18, Baron’s quote)

~500 words


find, explain, and quote the following author’s “They say” arguments in the selections listed below:

-first four paragraphs of Liz Addison’s “Two Years are Better Than Four” (365);

-first four paragraphs of Sherry Turkle’s “No Need to Call” (505);

-first three paragraphs of Mary Maxfield’s “Food as Thought” (641);

-first four paragraphs of Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism” (369);