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what is expected of you and be predictably rewarded for meeting these expectations.
To prepare:
• Review the results of your leadership style inventories. Save a copy of your results for future reference. In addition, you are encouraged to complete additional assessments.
• What aspects of your results surprised you? What aspects of your results were as you might have expected?
• Think about the leadership example(s) you identified in the Discussion, your assessment results, and the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources. Have they helped you to form a more comprehensive view of yourself as a leader? What insights have arisen with regard to:
o How you, personally, evaluate leadership effectiveness
o Your own leadership style, preferences, and strengths
o Potential challenges or areas in which you need to strengthen your leadership skills and competencies
• Begin to create a plan for maximizing your strengths as a leader and neutralizing your weaknesses.
To complete:
Write a 2 -2.5-pages paper that addresses the following:
• Summarize your leadership style, including your strengths for leading others. Refer to specific information from your inventory results, as well as insights gained from the Learning Resources and any research you completed on your own.
• Describe potential challenges that you have experienced in the past or could foresee related to your leadership style.
• Explain how you plan to improve your


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